• Digital Decarbonisation Consensus & Conjectures, a contribution towards better environmental practice with digital media arts for Sunlight Doesn't Need a Pipeline Link
  • bio arts ~ everyday evolutions with our nonhuman neighbours for BABLab Festival August 2022 Link


  • Roundtable: Can Chinese Science Fiction Transcend Binary Thinking? a conference panel transcribed and published for Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) with Mia Chen Ma, Yen Ooi, Frederike Schneider-Vielsäcker and Regina Kanyu Wang Link
  • Finding Space, a speculative short fiction in response to artist Saelia Aparicio's work for Survey II, commissioned by Jerwood Arts Link
  • Artist interview and profile for the Green Guide for the United Kingdom by ASEF culture360 and Invisible Flock Link
  • A: Assemblage for In, From, and With Link
  • Blurred Events, a speculative short fiction for The End of the Present by The Alternative School of Economics (Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck) Link
  • krill this love a speculative short fiction reflection on Under a two-moon belief system no duality endures an exhibition by Alice dos Reis at Trixie, The Hague Link
  • Climate Change and Contemporary Chinese Science and Speculative Fiction: Invisible, Extractive and Uneven Boundaries, a conference paper written up for Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) Link
  • An interview with Angela Chan about Speculative Fiction & communicating and challenging geopolitical inequalities for Plastiglomerate Rock Dreams It Were a Beautiful Fossil by Annie Mackinnon Link


  • In Conversation: Changing Realities and Speculative Fictions in the work of Cao Fei with Gu Shi, Regina Kanyu Wang for Serpentine Link
  • Gender and climate change in China a panel report for NüVoices, an international female and non-binary collective researching on China Link


  • From West to East_ Re-Locating a Speculative Centre - Angela Chan and Ama Josephine Budge for Science Fiction (2020, MIT Press and Whitechapel Gallery) Link
  • Interview with Xia Jia for Dream Babes Zine 2.0 for Dream Babes Link


  • w the worm a speculative short fiction by algae-la (Angela) for the roaming exhibition Towards a Common Survival by The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) exhibited at Prairie, Chicago Link